I will be an actress who fights for my freedom.

Hello, my name is Zeynep. I’m a high school senior who’s about to turn 17. I live in a family of over-religious cult members. I was grown up under the name of the religion while knowing I had to cover up myself one day. I’ve started receiving questions about hijab when I was only 11. All I got to choose was the time I started wearing it, and I could postpone that until I was 12, then I covered up. At first, I didn’t feel different due to my social circle. But after a while, I’ve drifted into void regarding religion.

As a naturally suspicious and inquisitive person by nature, I started to wander away from religion as I did more research. I started hating hijab at that stage but telling that to my family was not an option. To be honest, it’s still not an option because I’m sure I’d live an even more restricted life than now if I tell them.

Sometimes I try to get used to it, but I fail. Besides, the unstoppable love of theatre inside my heart doesn’t help at all. So I spend most of my nights crying to sleep, but I’m determined to not live my life as my family dictates. When I go to university, I don’t want to spend my best years how I don’t want to, but I won’t have the chance to tell my family yet. I’ll be waiting until I gain my financial independence.

Then I’ll be an actress who fights for her only goal in her life, her freedom.

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